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[Photoshop] Digital Wind Effect

Today I am going to show you how to do a digital wind effect in Photoshop. I'm using Photoshop CC 2014 for this tutorial.

This effect is actually pretty easy to do, however, sometimes getting the animation panels to blend just right is a problem.
When I first did the animation, I actually found the wind effect on accident and so my animation was a little botchy, but with time I have perfected it.

Step One

So first, you're going to want to have your image open. I havent applied any textures or anything here yet, but you can. I would advise putting them in a folder so you can collapse them in your layers panel in order to see your image layers themselves.
Right now my window looks like this:

I'm going to duplicate my image layer twice so I know have three layers of the same image.

Step Two

With the top layer still selected, go to Filter > Stylize > Wind
This window will pop up:

Now, there a 3 different Methods to choose from and they're all acceptable to use for this animation, they would just slightly affect how it looks. I usually use Wind, but have used Stagger before. Blast usually looks a little too strong. So for this tutorial, I am going to use Wind, and keep the direction as "From the Right" and click OK. Now my top layer has that effect on it.

Step Three

Now you're going to want to select the middle layer and go to Filter > Stylize > Wind again. This time select "From the Left" and click OK. The middle layer now has that effect on it.

Step Four

Now we need to open up our Timeline. Mine is shown at the bottom where it says Create Video Timeline. Occasionally this window won't be up, so if it's not showing for you, go to Window > select Timeline. Once the window is showing, click Create Video Timeline. Then you're going to want to click the 3 boxes in the bottom left (Convert to Frame Animation) next to the Render Video arrow. Your window should look like this:

Photoshop defaults the time to 5 sec. Change it to 0.1 sec. Then click the Duplicate frame button next to the garbage can. It looks like a piece of paper. Duplicate it twice.

Step Five

With Frame 1 selected, turn off your top two layers.

Select Frame 2, and turn on your middle layer.

Select Frame 3, and turn on your top-most layer.

Step Six

Now we need to Tween the frames. To Tween, we press the 3 circled button next to the Duplicate Layer button.
This window will pop up:

In the Frames to Add box, put 3. Press OK.
This will make your timeline show 6 frames. The first is your normal, and frames 2 - 5 are blended frames of your effect going to the right. Select frame 6 and tween again, adding another 3 layers.
Your timeline should look like this:

Step Seven

Now you just need to save it!
Go to File > Save For Web
Change the Preset to GIF 128 No Dither

You're all done!
This is what I ended with: